Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in Blogger

Its a new year and a new start.

Hopefully I will start posting soon!! I will be moving my blog out of Typepad and back in Blogger sometime this month...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

movin' out

I've moved! I haven't got my act together yet but you can reach me now at...

Stop by and say, hey!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mochi and Cranberries

Yesterday we went to the park for a picnic. The kids said the had to look for green 'mochi balls'. They came back with these. We spent much of the time rolling them down the slide. Who needs expensive toys when you can play with 'mochi balls'?

This morning we made Mock Cranberry Bliss Bars from Myra's recipe, thanks Myra! They look and smell awesome, baking right now. Can't wait to try them...

Neither can C-boy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Family Love

We had an incredible trip this past weekend in Maui. Lovely weather, awesome food and lots of family time.

a trip to I'ao needle

whale watching

can you see the profile of JFK's face?(look at the middle of the picture)

nature center exploring

playing games at maga's house (maui grandma's house)

with interesting conversation...

c-boy 'maga you have two houses?'
maga 'no, I have one here on Maui.'
c-boy 'i will buy you a house'
maga 'you will?'
c-boy 'no, but you can borrow my house. but only borrow it.'
maga 'uh, ok.'

playing poolside

and all weekend hearing some little girl that couldn't wait to get back to her dog.

now that I'm back at work I feel some family withdrawl, I think we had too much fun. Can't wait to get home...

Friday, January 12, 2007

happy happy

5 happy things...

1. Off to spend the long weekend on Maui with in-laws and meeting up with friends. Quality kid time.

2. C-girl learned to ride without her training wheels yesterday. yay! it took her 15 minutes to figure out the balance thing. She gets her physical abilities from her daddy.

3. New (to me)charcoal colored messenger bag from the thrift store for the trip. Now I can pick up things(or children) from the floor without everything tumbling out of my bag.

4. Wonderful skirt pattern from Susan... she even sent me a sweet necklace she made since it took a bit longer to receive it(c-girl thought it was for her, fat chance girl). Now how pretty is her fabric? I can't wait! I'll post some pics when we get back.

5. Its Friday people, have a good one!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

rainy days and sundays

It was a crazy rainy day here the other day... making the dirt run away.

feeling a bit pink and brown lately so...
thrifted board + free spirit fabric + midori brown satin ribbon = fast and happy new bulletin board. also = happy mommy.

also new(to me)... fabric stash given by my aunt who no longer crafts. There's another layer of fabric underneath.
so much fabric, so little time.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

peppermint and mohawks

I've finally done a few sewing projects -

a bag using a too small a/x sweater, its super furry and black. The lining is made of striped pink, brown and white Robert Kaufman fabric. I love the strap fabric, Michael Miller Damask, it reminds me of a those pink peppermint sticks covered with chocolate... W said it looked Hawaiian-ish. Negative brownie points for him today.

these pillows are made from a green Gap sweater that made me look frumpy, and a red skirt that was too big-

and on a completely new topic that does not involve sewing of any sort, c-boy kept saying he had "applehead" he got a semi-mohawk, it looks better when its gelled and dry-

it may be an acquired taste...

and a big, big fat 'THANK YOU' to my brother-in-law who made me a new banner...Yay!! I love it!